Update from the salt mines

July was a whirlwind month!

It was four incredibly tough weeks for me, where nothing seemed to go right at all. But one thing that did happen?



Yes, that’s my poor cat with an inflatable unicorn narwhal horn on her head, spearing a donut. It was the image I sent out to all the backers when we achieved the $8,500 Kickstarter goal. The campaign ended on 7/21 and we had DOUBLED the original funding goal. I’ve been flabbergasted by the amount of support my friends and complete internet strangers have shown for the project! I could not have done it without each and every one of you!
Now begins the long haul as I work with my factory in China to have the narwhals manufactured and shipped over. I’ve been gobbling up all information possible to make sure that I haven’t missed anything now that I’ll be sending out more than 500 narwhals skewers in just a few months time.

And then at one point, this happened. Praise be to Steve Prue for capturing this magical moment. I can’t stop watching.

For people who missed out on obtaining their own set of skewers, I set up a secondary page on Shopstarter. They’re a neat site that will continue to collect pre-orders for skewers and the remaining pieces of art. Though sadly, no backer updates for you if you’re on there. I also started a Facebook Page, where I can update with future public narwhal information.


In further news, Molly Crabapple is doing a pre-sale of fine Canson sketchbooks in 4.1 x 5.8″ sewn bound books. I’ll be screenprinting the delightful image on the top, so please pick up a set for yourself! You can find them, as always, in her Etsy shop. Available until 8/15.


Aside from all this, I’ve been keeping my head down. Reading books on production and manufacturing to make sure I know what I’m doing – my current read is Inspired by Vik Venkatraman. It’s been helping me to make sure that the path I charted for myself on how to mass produce this isn’t missing anything, more of a checklist for me than anything else. It’s really well laid out and I’ve been skipping over the stuff I already know and focusing more on what’s going to happen once my product leaves the factory and how I get it onto the shelves of retail shops. I like keeping my brain several steps ahead of what I’m working on, so I’m ready for what’s coming.

I have a few announcements that will be released on Monday! A couple of art shows I will be in this month, my contribution to an exciting new Kickstarter and hopefully, some new work finally. Stay tuned!

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