Update from the cocoon

I’ve been staying indoors a lot lately and just letting everything come to me. February is the worst month of the year and not just because of my natural hatred of that holiday (President’s day).

I’ve been plotting and planning, really. I’ve just wrapped up the bulk of the work on Seekrit Project that’ll be released on 3/18, buying materials for little crafty things I’d like to make for myself or other people and receiving pretty presents in the mail. All these little things have been keeping me sane despite the losses, plans falling through, and constant sicknesses plaguing me.

Tess Aquarium, an amazing maker, teacher and all around magical creative lady, sent me these amazing bismuth crystals.


The large blue one is currently sitting on one of the altars in my home, the smaller ones I’m trying to figure out what I want to graft them onto. They’re really amazing – bismuth crystals are a metal crystal that you can grow yourself with a bit of science knowledge. Their iridescence is incredibly unique to each crystal.



I supported my friend Theremina’s Kickstarter for her recent album as a haunted chamber music duo, “The Parlour Trick”, and received this amazing lasercut pendant as a reward! The cameo is her silhouette, so now I get to keep her near my heart when I go out. The album is beautiful as well!



Secondly on the Kickstarter front and received a while back, was this postcard for preordering the Morbid Anatomy Anthology! The book will be a lavishly illustrated collection of articles covering taxidermy, the history of the Grand Guignol, books covered in human skin and other wonderful bits of information. Basically everything I love from these folks. Morbid Anatomy Library is where I take all my amateur taxidermy classes. I love this two-headed kitten on the postcard, whetting my appetite until the book is finished.


Secondly, a gift to myself, I could not resist the lulz factor of the Letter Writers Alliance Pigeon Post (product photo above is theirs). Since receiving nice things from anything from Kickstarter rewards to friends, I’ve been wanting to send more letters. And better than letters would be sending this little guy. So I preordered the pigeon (hopefully to arrive between March-April) and while waiting, got this letter:


Apparently I’m now a member of the Letter Writers Alliance. They send this gorgeous little membership card, a patch and an envelope covered in the most amazing stamps and stickers.


I adore items sent out with this kind of detail to packaging. It was such a delight to receive.


And lastly, in my own edition of hoarders, I’ve been picking up lots of teeth off Etsy. They’re acrylic denture teeth, not real human teeth (I’m not trying to kill the Hogfather at all) and I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. Possibly just hot glue them craftily to everything I own.


So in the past few months, I’ve now accumulated a weird collection of crystals, bullet casings, pyrite skulls, acrylic teeth and a tiny idol of Santa Muerte. These can make for some fun items in the future, but mostly I’m just enjoying displaying them on my altars.

IMG_3777 IMG_3776 IMG_3779

Lastly, I was really feeling the cold and missing plant life, but I don’t get any direct sunlight in my room. So I bought a bundle of air plants to hang in my window. And no, I don’t have curtains because I’m one of those perverts that’s how little sun hits my window. All the tillandsia and the hanging globes and the dinosaur air planter came off of wonderful Etsy folks – I highly recommend https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeltonaSeashells for their plants and https://www.etsy.com/shop/twoXsea for their terrariums/tiny dinosaur planters with tiny plant in it.

Basically, Etsy is where I get all my neat things while being a horrible shut in monster.

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