The Blood Dumpster

The Blood Dumpster is a NYC art collective started in 2007 by Pratt alums Jeff Moore & Rebecca Memoli. It has a history of providing young artists group gallery shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn and expanded to include charity events and guerilla art installations. These are the events I have either lead as curator or worked in conjuction with Blood Dumpster members.

L-Train Notwork

In November 2011, I curated a digital gallery of artists for the L-Train Notwork. The Notwork was conceived by Mark Krawczuk & Matthew McGregor-Mento- of as a pirate WiFi intranet that broadcast during the 10am-12pm morning commute of hundreds of New Yorkers along the L train. Each day featured a different artist with a range of art from portrait photography from Occupy Wall Street to intricate pen drawings to surreal guache beasts.

Lost Horizon Night Market

In March 2011, I led the Blood Dumpster in creating an art truck for the Lost Horizon Night Market. We collaborated to create what was dubbed The Campfire Truck, a 14′ box truck that had a forest built into the back. We utilized fallen pine branches from nearby parks & backyards, were generously donated materials from Materials for the Arts & created an LED campfire using rocks & flashlights with coloured gels. We led our guests into reading rousing stories out of the Scary Stories novels as we huddled together in the cold, eating chocolate, marshmallows & graham crackers.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” was our first charity drive. Its premise was to team up with a number of burlesque performers to put on a show that benefited NYCares, a charity that provides coats to the homeless in New York City. The entry fee was one gently worn coat and our artists donated art work to be auctioned off with proceeds going to NY Cares. I assisted in connecting with the troupe Geek Girls Burlesque as well as several other performers and in coordinating the event.


Pyrophilia was a second combination event & gallery show. It was also run out of t.b.d & featured Ariel Wolf performing as a fire breather, plus a living statue installation by Coralee Rose Lynn. Also featured live music by DJ Texas, Rhinostrich and Graph.

Dumpster of Love

Dumpster of Love was our first combination event & gallery show. We showed out of t.b.d, a bar in Greenpoint and for the opening party had a showcase of musicians: Epileptic Peat, Rhinostrich and Skullduggery. We also featured a Dumpster Raffle, whose prizes ranged from original art pieces to discarded AOL CDs.


October 3 – October 17, 2009. Participating artists: Rebecca Memoli, Jeff Moore, Melissa Dowell, Tim Kellen, Jason Orrell, Brian Edgerton, Evan Dalcher, Zofia Bogusz, Caroline Faracas, Ashley Hildreth, Neal Aultman, Robin Scott, Larissa Penson, Jody Jock, Vincent True, Aubrey Roemer, Paige Pumphrey, Katelan Foisy, Michael Alan, Guillermo Riveros


May 10 – 24th, 2008. Curated by me, the show focuses on analyzing the works from the Renaissance and presenting them in a contemporary context. Few periods of art have held quite the impact as the Renaissance, whether it was learning from the techniques of rendering and composition to even a complete rebellion against it. The works from that time challenged both painter and the viewer’s way of thinking. The exhibit holds a variety of art in the style and with the techniques of Renaissance masters with a focus on perspective, chiaroscuro, realism, and meticulous composition. However, in true Blood Dumpster fashion, the artists find the darker side of these classical themes and apply an ominous tone. Various works focus on religion’s role in the present, allegories of today and modern myth. Many emphasize mathematics and sciences that develop our current technologies and that which we are on the brink of discovering and developing. Classical studies of figures with a modern ideal of the body as well as reinterpretations of classic compositions and imagery will be present.

Participating artists: Rebecca memoli, Jeff Moore, Melissa Dowell, Tim Kellen, Evan Dalcher, Zofia Bogusz, Caroine Faracas, Ashley Hildreth, Alexander Lill, Kristen Terrana, Yanick Salazaar, Anna Weber, Kimberly Sheridan, Neal Aultman, Robin Scott, Megan Van Deusen, Jennifer Laga, Gnatalie McLauren.