Small Press Expo 2013

It’s been another month and I have neglected this poor little blog. But it’s not for lack of things to get up to! In fact, everything has been just insanely busy.

But the most important thing is: I went to SPX in Bethesda, Maryland!

I love Small Press Expo! I went for the first time a few years back and had such a fantastic reception that I always meant to come back. Focusing on Dr. Sketchy’s and traveling had me miss the past few, so when Yao Xiao said there was space for me to show with her, I leapt at the chance. I raced to produce some new art, which included firstly a new print:



I actually hand-wrote the name in gold ink on each print. I’m planning to rework it a little bit more because I was basically working on it right down to the wire. Once that’s all set up, I’ll pop it into my store. The concept was based on a quick exchange I had with the Robin LeBlanc aka The Thirsty Wench, a fabulous beer blogger who has been growing her own hops in her backyard. One day, walking through her native Toronto, she found wild hops growing along the sidewalk. I made a crack that she’s secretly planting seeds around town like a modern day Janey Hoppleseed and then this image was born, and based off her. So there you go!

Aside from hocking posters and postcard packs of my older monster and pin-up lady designs (all currently available in my Etsy store, *nudge*, I brought along my narwhal skewers to show them in person to anyone who wanted to see them in person and to potentially nab more pre-orders. So people could walk away with something awesome after their pre-order, I spent an evening with partner Matt and his delightful laser cutter. We came up with these:



They’re gold mirrored acrylic, laser etched on the back in the narwhal BBQ designs in carnivorous, vegetarian and sweet tooth designs. I feel so pretty when I have it proudly displayed and shining. Though watch out when I’m standing under a spotlight!

I have lasercutting fever now and want to work on a design for a laser cut wooden coat of arms plaque to mount the narwhals on!

Speaking of those, I have the very first sample from the factory on its way to me! All the updates will be available first and foremost to the Kickstarter backers, so I’m keeping mum about it for now. Just know they’re moving forward and it’s all very exciting! I’ve put in the orders for the sticker postcards, posters and t-shirts for non-narwhal owning backers, so soon will begin the flurry of pre-lim fulfillments. I also got to visit Kickstarter HQ and show off the prototypes to one of the co-founders and to the man who approved my design project! When I have all of them in my hot little hands, I plan on leaving a set behind to join their wall of projects (yes, they have a series of shelves on a wall with tons of products that came to life thanks to Kickstarter funding! It’s wonderful).

Other additional quick things:



I printed my first onesie for my friend Bree, who designed this as a present for a pregnant friend. I thought it was adorable.



And though I am no longer heading the Dr. Sketchy’s NYC branch, I have been running all over hosting private events. This was part of a two-day event with Blick Art Materials (our fabulous sponsor), opening a new store location in Chelsea and renovating their flagship NYC store in SoHo. We had three models who, on the first day, posed as a take on the three muses and then on the second day, were the embodiment of various art styles. Delysia La Chatte on the left is modeled after street artist Miss Van, Dame Cuchifrita is art nouveau and modeled for Aubrey Beardsly (she later was a Gustav Klimt painting), and Madame Rosebud on the right is based on Waterhouse paintings. The whole event was amazing and we got to meet so many talented artists who came out. I love doing events in new spaces and getting to transform a spot into something new and gorgeous.

I have more updates to put into further posts – I participated in Rental Car Rally and traveled from NYC to Paris, Maine in an 18-hour caffeine-fueled road trip, I have been working on a hat made out of a chicken, I’ve printed a whole host of posters and things and somehow have started a secret iPhone app as my “backburner” project. Additionally, I plan on attending Alternative Press Expo next month in San Francisco, so I’ve been whipping up new merchandise to bring with me, along with the skewers. So if you’re around and want to see them in person (or just look at our pretty art), you should find myself and Yao Xiao at Table 925!

It’s good to keep busy, but sometimes I take things too far!

Additionally, this Saturday & Sunday I’ll be at the NYC Maker Faire, live printing with the Bushwick Print Lab crew. If you’re going, you should find us in Zone C as part of the Swap-O-Rama-Rama (look at the left side of the map at the northernmost section).

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