Silkscreen of the Month: May

For May, I decided to get into using some fun & toxic materials. Meet Matsui’s Chromicolor

This ink has the special ability that it prints like a normal coloured ink, but when heated up, turns invisible. It’s been hanging around the Print Lab since I got there, and the May print was the best option. Check out the image:

And for fun, here is a video I shot of the invisible ink in action. For those of you who own a copy, or who choose to print in this ink, do make sure your light source isn’t flame or otherwise *too* hot!


I shot this video using the iPhone app, Viddy, as there was a lot of sound in the background of the original that didn’t need to be heard. Am trying out shooting/editing video while using my phone. Bear with me as I get better!

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  1. […] May 4 colour silkscreen. The background was a transparent green, the hair and outlines printed in regular inks, but the eyes on the teacup are a thermochromatic ink. It disappears when heated! […]

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