Silkscreen of the Month: June

Continuing down my path of toxicity, I decided to try a ridiculous challenge: discharge printing!

Discharge ink is a funny name for an ink that goes on clear & is heat activated to then become white (or another colour based on pigments added) while simultaneously bleaching away the surface. This is usually used on fabric and was the process I used when I did sampling for Matthew Borgatti’s Guy Fawkes bandanas. It usually is not used on paper and so that seemed like a fun thing to try out. You can see the activation in this handy video I shot:


Discharge, while being a water-based ink for easy clean up, is highly toxic. As such, I had to wear a gas mask while printing and endure the glares of my fellow studio mates at the Bushwick Print Lab as they fled the general vicinity to avoid breathing in the off gassing this process creates. I also had to print in the middle of the night.

Me, looking very much like a rivethead.

And here are the beautiful results. I used French Paper in blueberry parchtone with the white discharge ink and gold accents. The drawing is one of my favourites from this year and the edition sold out fast on Molly Crabapple’s Etsy shop.

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