Silkscreen of the Month: July

This month’s silkscreen went a lot easier on my lungs.

This lovely, fruity girl is a four colour silkscreen that I used transparent inks to overlap and turn into a six colour silkscreen. I love layering effects and the way that ink can play with itself. Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics. I started with the cyan ink, then yellow (for the greens), then red (which made some purples), then the black outlines, which was a mixture of a polyurathane gloss and channel black pigments. I was hoping to get a thicker and glossier outline, something that felt like vinyl laid on the paper, but so far this wasn’t successful in creating that effect. Something to try on a later print!

Printed on French’s 110lb newsprint coloured paper. It’s available in Molly Crabapple’s Etsy shop until Aug 1st.

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