Silkscreen of the Month: January

For 2012, Molly Crabapple and I are teaming up to present the Silkscreen of the Month series. Each month, I’ll take one of her designs and turn it into a new 8×12: silkscreen design, experimenting with various silkscreen techniques from fountain prints to foiling to pushing any liquid available through a screen. For January, I wanted to try for a very tight 3 to 4 colour design. This was my first time utilizing pin registration, which is a similar concept to what animators do – punching holes into the paper and placing them on pegs that are taped down to my print surface, registering them along the pins instead of inside a box of tape or cardstock or any number of variations. I kept the pink & lavender inks translucent with a lot of base, in order for the overlays to turn into a delightful cranberry colour and add new definition in areas like the clothing ruffles and stocking outlines.

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  1. […] January 3 colour silkscreen. This was the start of my use of pin registration so I could have the transparent purple outlines register perfectly over the pink and gold to create secondary colours. […]

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