Silkscreen of the Month: March

For March, I went with a simple graphic colour job – the background is a wood texture that I ran through Photoshop a few times to turn into a separation, then I printed it in mostly matte base with just a touch of a mostly translucent mixed brown ink I found sitting on the Print Lab shelf. For the white layer, there was a lot of noise & other speckles left on the original drawing that Molly Crabapple sent me to turn into a separation, so I left them there and combined with natural pinholing in the emulsion, it made for a nice and dirty layer. The black I mixed with gloss to give it a nice shiny contrast to the other layers. It’s a piece that is fun to flip back and forth through the light to see certain parts activate and others disappear from the glare. This was done on a 80lb brown kraft paper from French Paper.

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  1. […] March 3 colour silkscreen. The background is a matte base ink with a touch of brown that went through a halftone wood grain print in order to give the paper the appearance of wood. I also left in a lot of the dust and artifacts from the original ink drawing to dirty up the white layer with tiny pinholes. The black was mixed with a heavy gloss to make it pop away from the matte layers. […]

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