Silkscreen of the Month: December

Last print of the year!

The December print was meant to tie the whole portfolio together. I laid out all 11 previous pieces and got a good feel for all the whole year had gone. I treated each month as its own print, not really having a plan for an overarching theme, but making sure that each print did lead into the other at least a little bit. So December was meant to fully tie everything together.

I settled on doing a range of purple inks. I wanted them to be vibrant, but not cloying saccharine. The image was sweet enough that it didn’t need my colour job to go overboard.

The skin is a shiny gold mixture using the same copper ink from the earlier August silkscreen. When metal pigments are left wet, suspended in base, they will oxidize and turn green over time. So it’s important to only mix as much as you plan to use at once. Unless you can find a good reason to utilize the changed colour (as I did!). However, once the ink is dry on the paper, the metal should not oxidize at all.

Close up!

This print is up on Molly Crabapple’s Etsy site until the end of December. We’re already taking preorders for 2013’s portfolio on her main site. I’ll do a showcase round up of the 2012 portfolio in the next couple days!

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