November Silkscreen of the Month

For the November silkscreen of the month, I wanted to do a similar technique to Molly Crabapple’s May Day/General Strike poster with Occuprint. Take a watercolour painting of hers and transform it into a dirty, multi-colour silkscreen. This one ended up being 6 colours onto 140lb white French paper.

This was Molly’s original piece, a gorgeous painting of a dancer inspired by the Ballet Russe, which if you don’t know about it, you should totally read up on them. Especially about the influence of artists at the time.

So I broke down the painting into 6 main colours – the textured, vignette background, blue grey shadows, the red headdress, the white highlights, pink shadows, and the black outlines.

Here’s a screenshot (with my phone, hence the¬†striations) while I was in the process of doing my separations of the original image next to my new canvas. I believe this was still missing the pink shadows and white highlights still.

You can see here from the start, the difference in colour quality of printing direct onto pure white paper vs the transparent background. I felt it made the inks laying on top of it more rich and vibrant in a way that dealing with straight mixed ink colours wouldn’t have been able to achieve.

Aaand, finish! The series is already sold out on the Etsy, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it is awesome in person.



2 Responses to “November Silkscreen of the Month”

  1. Lisa Jenschke says:

    Hey – just interested in your “transparent background”. I am a novice silk screener, and wonder if you just pull a layer of transparent medium onto your paper before you print on it. Is that what you mean? many thanks – L

  2. glukkake says:

    Hi Lisa!
    Yep, it was using transparent matte medium/base that I added a couple drops of pigment to give it the sepia tint/vignette appearance, otherwise it’d look invisible on top of the white.

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