New Business Cards

fullbusinesscards boxes

The time had finally come, dear friends, for me to get a set of business cards. I’ve been running around with my old cards from before I was even Glukkake, or my cards from Dr. Sketchy’s (which made no reference of my artistness) or even just only taking other peoples’ business cards and never giving one in return. Because, I stubbornly insisted, the only way to ensure that we’d be in touch again would be if I contacted them first.

But then I did my weekend at SPX, which is the time when everyone loves to collect cute business cards when they’re too shy to poke around your table. So I figured I’d get a batch made. But, I have so many projects! I have myself, where you are now. And I have the home of the Narwhal BBQ Skewers. And I’ll Fucking Print It, which is my landing page for receiving custom quotes for screenprinted apparel and poster goods. Getting overwhelmed with how to condense it all onto one business card with one design to tie it all together, I then decided FUCK IT and went onto and made three cards with different images on the back.

I ended up with their Luxe line of mini-cards, because they are GORGEOUS and I’ve always wanted thick, American Psycho business cards that also have a coloured edge.

fullbusinesscards box

Firstly, this is the packaging they showed up in. An adorable little box, squeeing with excitement, wrapped in a beautiful purple ribbon with a plastic wax seal. Each box holds 100 cards. I colour coordinated the edges in either red, black, or blue depending on which company they were representing. This way I could easily pull one of out of my separate business card holder just by glancing at its side and give the appropriate one.

fullbusinesscards wrap

I hung onto the ribbons for a while, because they’re adorable and such a fantastic touch.

fullbusinesscards sets

I built the back sides just using’s design wizard, because I was in quite the rush & hadn’t yet settled on branding for Glukkake INC. Their fonts & forms weren’t too bad! It was super quick to make a simple layout that looked pretty. There were times that I wish I had a bit more control, but for designing 3 sets of cards in less than an hour, it worked out great. I’ve eliminated my phone number from business cards because I don’t want people to call me, even if it’s on my Google Voice number. Email & web contact only, please!

fullbusinesscards screenprint

And here’s the fan out of all my screenprinting cards. The September ice cream silkscreen isn’t actually holographic, but I think they reproduced my photo fantastically.

If you see me, be sure to ask for a business card!

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