A couple weeks ago, I visited friend and collaborator, Matthew Borgatti at his new home/studio in Bushwick. Matt hosts occasional Craft Nights, where he encourages us feral artists to leave our caves and do our work amongst each other. The benefit being that we can get fresh perspective on our projects or try out new materials and mediums.

Matt and I are working on a secret project involving narwhals. Step 0 was doing all my research and sketches and measurements. Step 1 was coming out and sculpting my prototype. I created this guy using Sculpey that we molded and formed by hand, placed in his tiny oven to harden, then proceeded to fill my lungs with clay dust as I sanded and carved the hell out of it.

sad initial narwhals

wet clay

braced narwhal – its tail flopped over without the foil

oven narwhal

For the future: don’t be like me. Wear a fucking mask when you do heavy clay sanding. My throat was shredded the next morning. Matt is a fine purveyor of bandanas if you’re too cool for disposable medical masks. Check out his shop.

And now I have an adorable little narwhal who has a slightly burned fin (unseen) because we are sometimes not smart.

Next step is to send this guy off to be 3D scanned to clean up my horrible sculpting job – for some reason, traditional sculpting like molding clay or carving into hunks of rock entirely escapes me. I like to think myself decent at most mediums, but this is just beyond my abilities. I can, however, do 3D modeling. But I needed to do this in physical form first to get a good idea of how it feels in the hand in advance. Why? You’ll find out in a month!

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  1. Neil Moskowitz says:

    Nice Narwhal!!! Love your newest font too! Absinthe is even great as a font!

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