Narwhal BBQ Skewers + Laughing Squid release!


I’m incredibly excited to announce that my Kickstarter-funded Narwhal BBQ Skewers are now available for sale (and on sale!) at the Laughing Squid store:

Laughing Squid has been such a huge supporter of the narwhals, starting from being the first site to announce the Kickstarter launch to now being the first store to carry them. Please go check out the skewers and all the other fun gadgets and gizmos that are also in their shop, as well as all the great links and projects that they share on the main site.


The skewers will be coming in some gorgeous brown kraft and red ink retail boxes, which were designed by the amazing Lina Gonzalez.


This spring, I’m trying to get them stocked on the shelves of local businesses here in NYC and anywhere else that’ll take them. Stay tuned!

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