Molly Crabapple Mural

For three days, Molly Crabapple and I worked on painting a 17′ long mural of her artwork in a private client’s home. It was a truly amazing experience and quite a challenge!

We began with a blank wall, sponging the golden ground.

Molly collaborated with her wonderful client to come up with the original image before we arrived on the work site, then sent the image to me so we could set up a digital projector to project the image against the wall. Once that was ready, we began the long process of tracing the line work onto the wall in paint, with Molly going over everything again with her trademark ink marks and cross hatching.

Without the projection. Sometimes we just shut it off and let Molly go on a rampage detailing everything without the ghosts of the original image.

Once the full wall was inked, it was just a matter of doing colour washes and highlights to bring out the figures and finish everything off. The mural turned out gorgeous!

The blue tape annotated which stars were sized for gilding. My sneaky face annotates that I likely got into the whiskey on the job.

I came back on a fourth day to gold leaf several stars with the help of Kate Black as the final touch. Now the wall shimmers and glows with just a touch of ambient light.

Mural work is some of my favourite work.

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  1. Dan Gasparo says:

    Any plans to make prints available of the absinthe green faires. Specifically Calamity Chang?

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