Modeling Part 2

Photos from the second photographer, Joanne Leah landed joyously in my inbox yesterday.

I’ve known Joanne’s work for years, thanks to frequenting the same internet forums. It was so exciting to finally get to work together and see what we could come up with. There were mad costume changes, posing with any props available, going from sitting in her studio to running around the rooftop and changing from having full makeup on to removing all of it. I generally don’t let people see me without eyebrows on, unless it’s a very intimate situation. It makes me a bit self conscious, because it’s surreal how the removal of one part of your face can change it so drastically.

But here we are back again with the eyebrows.

There are more photos, of course. They might possibly pop up on her site or on her Tumblr site, so you should monitor both. If you’re local to NYC and interested in posing with either her or I highly recommend getting in touch.

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