Modeling Part 1

Earlier this month, I was invited to model for two photographers. The other day, I received shots from one of the artists,

I am absolutely stunned by how beautiful they came out. I am such a behind the scenes person, that it’s entirely foreign to me to be such a visible part of art making. Much of my identity is wrapped up in the products of my hands, with very little reference to myself as a person. Modeling is such an interesting experience, in the give and take of model and photographer. Where I feel both central to the end image, but also like I had absolutely nothing to do with it at all besides just shift around and try not to make duck face (unless requested). I feel like both the canvas and the paintbrush but not at all the creator, which is entirely backwards from my usual process.

I am also in no way a professional model, so perhaps it is an entirely different experience for people who do this as their art. But I would enjoy doing this more, to continue exploring and making new things.

There’s more and they are gorgeous and many of them and other amazing images are viewable on their site, so you should go check it out.

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