Live Printing with the Bushwick Print Lab

Last week I helped the Bushwick Print Lab do live printing at the 7th anniversary of Warper Party – one of my favourite electronic music parties in NYC. It was held at the Delancey in the LES and we were hired to print a few designs in celebration of the event, as well as bring a couple of our own, to print on t-shirts, totebags and whatever people laid in front of us.


The set up, with Ray Cross, owner of the BPL.


Printing early in the night before things got too crazy.


My friend Nick took off the shirt he was wearing to have it printed!


And Matt Landon, fellow BPL printer and master of textiles, getting ready for more printing.

And most importantly, the meat of the work – here’s the live printing in action!

I haven’t quite managed to master on-contact printing, so my duties were mostly to take orders and dry the shirts afterwards so people could pick up their orders quickly. Live printing requires a good amount of strength and coordination for holding down the screen with one hand (STEADY) and pulling the squeegee in the other. I plan on practicing it to see if I can take my own screens on the road!

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