Lasercut masks

John Leavitt came up with an idea months ago to do his own music video for Kim Boekbinder’s “Gypsy” song this summer. On September 1st, we got to shoot that video. And in preparation for it, John asked me to help out with several prop contributions. John used to host Dr. Sketchy’s NYC and was in charge of the brilliant set dressings when I was a simple volunteer back in the day. I learned and grew so much in that time. It was wonderful to get to work with him on another project again!

Here’s a behind the scenes photo from the shoot with videographer Keith Jenson and our own gypsy, artist Katelan Foisy.

For this, I tapped Matthew Borgatti, my main collaborator and favourite Person Who Knows How to Make All the Shit. We ultimately decided on creating a series of lasercut leather masks based on shapes and styles from Venetian/Mardi Gras masks and a few hand sculpted coins.

For the leather masks, it was just a matter of drawing to my template that was set up for both eye masks and full face masks (click below and download it as an illustrator file), scanning, cleaning up in Illustrator and then sending it off to his fabulous lasercutter in his studio. Co-collaborator Numidas Prasarn also joined us with some amazing Asian-inspired designs.

I even somehow managed to convince Ben Templesmith to contribute the excellent tentacle design at the bottom. The ornate scrolled masks are Matt’s designs.

I, of course, could not resist a golden glukkake mask.

Numi, in her kitsune mask (now downloadable here & here!)

With the coins, Matthew sculpted one in clay based on a triptych of 3 coin designs I’d come up with about Kim and the figure of death.

Sketchbook pages of initial designs, no photo reference used

Matt, carving up a storm and using actual photo reference

After sculpting, he created a silicone mold and poured a simple plastic mixture into it which set in 15 minutes and then was ready to roll.

Due to time constraints (this project fell between Matthew going to Burning Man and myself in the middle of being in too many places at once) we only did the one set of coins and I finished them with a gold spray paint. It’s been such a neat project, I might try to sculpt the remaining two designs to complete the set and then finish them in gold leaf.


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  1. Gianteye says:

    Everything turned out so well. I can’t wait to see the video. Thank you for documenting things during the whirlwind rush.

    We should make more Glukakke masks, and perhaps plan a photo shoot around them.

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