Kim Boekbinder T-shirts

I did a simple 1-colour white on black ink t-shirt print for Kim Boekbinder’s “I Have Your Heart” project. They came out rather well, I think!



Here are the first two printed onto small ladies tees. Big prints!

One thing of note is the fact that it’s a white on black print, which is annoyingly difficult for the perfectionist screenprinter using waterbased inks.

In order to not have your inks be a pain in the ass, it helps to use your bright white ink mixed down with a bit of base, in order to make it flow easier and not dry out so quickly. Flat, out of the jar white will dry nearly instantly inside your screen. Even using this base method may still result in spots drying in every 10 or so prints. But of course, in printing with a mixed down white ink, your ink is now becoming transparent.


See? Here there is a small spot that dried into the screen and this is what the print looks like on the first pass.

In order to get that bright pop of white, the best method is to print once, dry for a few seconds with a blow dryer, then print again. This will give you a nice thick and opaque white.


Now that’s a solid white print.


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