In the news

Today I’ve had two things come out!

Firstly, my sugar skull damask silkscreen is on my favourite blog ever, For Print Only! FPO is an amazing blog that covers paper arts only – books, packaging, letterpress, silkscreen, etchings etc. It’s not just poster prints and personal projects like mine, but also the amazing products people design and produce for many commercial purposes. It’s been a huge inspiration for me over the past couple years and I’m so excited to be on their site for the first time. Please check it out!


Secondly, last night Nightline aired their coverage of the 666 Burger truck from earlier this summer. You can see me standing awkwardly outside the truck as well as the finished doucheburger product (that I came in to gild), while listening the owners/creators, Franz Aliquo and Frank Grinaldi talk about burger things.

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