Holiday shopping guide


Filling up your Artopus sack with presents

It’s time yet again for the winter festivals of gift-giving! Which is probably my least favourite time, as I hate having to shout every day for the next month for y’all to come check out my work and pick stuff up for yourselves/friends/families. Personally, I’d rather someone came and took a class with me to make their own – this Saturday in NYC *is* my holiday card workshop. You should sign up now!

But if you’re not feeling crafty this month, I’ve put together a list of some wonderful people to check out. They run the gamut from art to books to miscellaneous others and I can assure that you’ll be supporting some fantastic people. I’ll try to update this list once a week as more friends run limited edition shops, so check back!


Listen Hard – bandcamp – Chelsea G. Summers

Chelsea just branched out into recording some of her shorts into spoken word tracks via Bandcamp. You can pick up the whole album of four fully explicit essays from her writings on Adult Mag and, as part of your download, one super special unpublished short story with bonus dismemberment. You want it. I love reading her works, but it’s even more delicious when you hear them read aloud. Best, the whole digital album is available for $3


Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple’s book is just about to be released and you should grab it NOW! I’ve already gone into why it’s delightful in a previous post, but her memoir of going from young artist and nude model to hard-hitting artist and international journalist is inspiring for anyone. She also has works available in her online store if you want to pick up prints, stickers, art books and more.


The Bullish Store

Get Bullish was started by Jen Dzuira for feminism- and justice-minded work talk from someone who believes in examining our relationship to corporations before simply “leaning in” to them. It began as an online column and has grown into an annual conference. You can pick up inspirational items in the shop, like my recently printed “(Wo)Manifesto” canvases or organizational materials, access to their webinar series and a number of items featuring their “bullicorn” mascot. If not just shopping around, take the time to read many of the articles on the site to help get back on track or inspire you to start new projects!


Allison Sommers

I’ve been a long time admirer of Allison’s works. She’s a powerhouse who puts out the most amazing images that toe that beautiful/grotesque line. You can grab prints in her Society6 store or original paintings and miniatures in her Etsy shop. The miniatures are probably my favourite of all!


Kim Boekbinder

Kim is an amazing musician, who has multiple albums that were funded through Kickstarter and are available for digital download. She’s currently hard at work on two upcoming albums, and you can even subscribe to Mission Control, which gives you behind the scenes access to music, images and more.

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