Holiday sale in the new store!


Happy upcoming commerce madness! If you’re partaking in this weekend of holiday shopping, I’d like to direct you to my new online store:

I have been doing some autumnal cleanings and dug up all these good screenprinted items I have in stock and put them in the store at low prices to help move them out of my home and into your hot little hands!


T-shirts, totebags, poster prints, original paintings and even some slightly defective shirts that I’ve slashed the price by 25-50%. The defects are slight cosmetic problems such as a detail blowing out or some pigment didn’t mix down for a smooth print – they aren’t horrible enough for me to throw in my print out pile, but they don’t meet my strict standards of what I expect you to pay full price for.

I even found a stash of perfectly good glow-in-the-dark dentata panties! So if you’ve been missing out on that out-of-print item, NOW is the time to get the last ones!

Come visit the shop!


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