Holiday shops you should support!

I’m lucky that the clients I pick up for screenprinting work are people whose work I have the utmost respect for. These many amazing people are wrapping up their holiday sales of gorgeous merchandise right now (some of which is my work, most of which is not), so please consider supporting them and picking up a tote bag, tshirt, poster and more!


For the past year now, I’ve been screenprinting t-shirts, doggie t-shirts, bandanas and more for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, a dog rescue and foster program here in NYC. They are really fantastic and I’m proud to work with such a great organization. Purchases in their online store directly supports their work and helps provide for the dogs they foster and place into forever homes.

The black Badass logo tee printed in sparkly silver ink is my favourite t-shirt to rock.


Glass Houses Press is an online press founded by Melissa Gira Grant. Their first book published is a collection of stories called “Coming and Crying” and they’ve been publishing ebooks and hosting live events in support of writers, photographers, designers and everyone involved in the process of making and loving books.


Kim Boekbinder, The Impossible Girl, isn’t shipping any of her physical merch at this time, but you should go pick up her brand new album, Stellar Alchemist and catch the second leg of her US tour in 2014. Her new album is all about space and samples science and magic into the most addictive electronic pop medley that I haven’t stopped listening to since it crashed to Earth.



Meatspace by Josh Gorfain and Andrew Maclean is a comic that was funded by Kickstarter, whose merch I got to print up! While the t-shirts are gone, the comic is running strong on Comixology. You can pick up the first two issues now for a steal:

Meatspace is the story of Lance Brighton, veteran of a future war who due to his injuries suffered on the battlefield, became one of the first brain-implanted robots in the world. After mustering out of the army, Lance spent his days indoors and engrossed in the massive multiplayer game that the world is playing, DungeonWorld, a co-creation of his son, Johnny and his friend, Anton Actos. Lance is forced into the real world, “meatspace” when his son dies mysteriously of a drug overdose. Aided by the latest member of Johnny’s team in the MMORPG, Rebecca, Lance seeks to find out what really happened to Johnny. Along the way, Lance reconnects with humanity and the real world at large.


Eye Heart Us is the artist duo of Laura Galbraith and Nate Bear. While the amazing Fry & Bender poster I printed for them seems to be long gone, they have wide range of items featuring their art in their online store, from prints to apparel to original paintings and hand crafted jewelry.


And of course, there can’t be a client countdown without mentioning Molly Crabapple, who has me producing work for her just about every month and gives me the freedom to produce the most beautiful and challenging work of my career. She produces art faster than I can print it and has a huge range of goodies in her online store to pick up, whether it’s a book or an original commission.

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