Fuck You silkscreen


Brand new silkscreen poster!

I printed this beautiful print of Molly Crabapple’s artwork at 19×25″ on delightful 110lb French White paper. These pieces were a bit of a beast to get through!




For a two colour print, I wanted the background to be a vibrant red flood. While it seems like it would be easy, these are wide prints where the ink has to go down evenly. Additionally, if you hit the paper too much or too little with ink, the colour will be darker or lighter due to its transparency. So getting just the right colour can be a pain. As well, since there’s so much ink coverage, little flaws can be picked up quite easily. Additionally (and unseen, because all errors I ever make will forever be hearsay and never visually documented) I made an attempt to print with a bleed off the paper in the first round, no white border. This caused the paper to buckle wildly. Surprisingly, cutting down the separation to include the 1/4″ border of paper let the paper lie flat as it dried, which also contributed to even drying.


I love the way printing black layers look on screens.


And the finished piece.

For making the black separation, I did one thing to tweak it slightly. The original was a 2 colour photoshop file sent to me via Molly, where the black was the original ink work and the red was a flat digital colour job. Normally, I’d just convert the black layer to a bitmap and send it off to the plotter, but I noticed that it lost a lot of the finer ink splatter, pencil details in the body and dry brush strokes at the edges. So I did one as a flat bitmap job and a duplicate of it as a halftone. Then simply erasing the clunkier bits of the regular bitmap. It made a difference to me and I hope that the new owners of this silkscreen notice the care that went into it as well!



This piece is available at Molly’s Etsy store if you’re interested in picking them up before they’re all gone. They’re an edition of 25 and going fast!


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