East Ville des Folies Beer and Whiskey Fest


The other day I had the joy of attending the first annual East Ville Follies Beer and Whiskey Festival at Webster Hall.

Be careful, that link autoplays music when you open it.

It was essentially a 4 floor beer and whiskey convention. I’ve attended many a nerd con (Gen Con, NYCC, etc) but this was completely different and quite awesome! I arrived a few hours late due to a slow start in the morning and a pizza delivery that took forever to arrive, not quite realizing that there was good food at the convention as well. When we got in, we were handed our commemorative tiny beer mug, plus materials to write down what stuff we liked.


Once we got in, of course, was the samplings.

Two floors of whiskeys, two floors of beer. It was awesome to run around Webster Hall with the lights on. I’ve been there so many times to see bands in the dark but this was the first time I could actually appreciate the architecture.


Oh, and also aerialists and burlesque performers and live jazz bands, best viewable from the VIP balcony.

Samples of beer were poured into your tiny mug. Whiskey vendors had their own tiny medicinal cups to give a pour.



The House of Shandy/Curious Traveler beer gave out sample business cards with fake moustaches attached to them. An instant hit and my new look now.

Unfortunately my phone was dying and I was too busy running around double fisting whiskey and beers to document much. I do, however, recall drinking Moa’s Imperial Stout, which was one of my favourite beers, Famous Grouse whisky, Old Forrester bourbon, Widow Jane Whiskey (a NYC made whiskey!) and Bookers bourbon. There were a few others that just didn’t sit well with me – either too sweet or too bitter – but, well, I had a lot of sampling to do.

Definitely would go again, especially starting earlier in the day and with more beer & whiskey aficionados to argue with over what’s better.

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