Dr. Sketchy’s at W+B Laboratory

Dr. Sketchy’s NYC was invited out to participate in Winkel and Balktick’s Laboratory party. They throw an annual Stranded party for people who stayed in NYC and missed out on Burning Man. Their parties are an incredible sight – it is full of art installations, interactive projects, several live DJs and bands, stilt walkers and hoopers and all manner of performers and this year, it included our Dr. Sketchy’s crew.

We had Delysia La Chatte and Ariel Wolf come out with us to pose as a cyborg/robot and her mad scientist creator.

We drew a large crowd and encouraged everyone to put down the camera phones and start drawing. We went through hundreds of sheets of paper and an arsenal of markers as revelers of all skill levels joined in. Warming my heart the most was the group of dedicated Dr. Sketchy’s fans who came out for our event and stayed with us for our entire 3 hour set.

Syd emceed, kept time and kept the crowds in check. Kate Black took gorgeous photos. I stood around with a clipboard and looked disturbingly… normal.

I sometimes like to don a regular haired wig and walk around in costume as a regular person.

Go check out Kate Black’s professional (and not blurrily shot on a phone) photographs of the event on her page.

The Bushwick Print Lab was also there, printing up a storm of lab coats, t-shirts and whatever article of clothing was offered up to them with some pretty rad science prints

Sadly, with the mobbings and running around, I wasn’t able to get any photos of them at work.

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