Doucheburger gilding

On Tuesday, July 10th, I had the honor of associating myself with 666 Burger, a Satanic burger truck, where each deliciously toasted bun also comes branded with a pentagram on top. 666 Burger’s philosophy is that burgers should be meat and bun and occasionally cheese. Also, sometimes that meat can come wrapped around a pat of butter (my favourite burger).
666 Burger also sells a burger “just piled high with rich people shit” for $666. It’s in response to all the ridiculous restaurants selling overstuffed burgers that get away from the true zen of burgers.
For the doucheburger, it is Kobe beef wrapped around foie gras, topped with cave-aged gruyere cheese, lobster, caviar, truffle butter and a BBQ sauce made from kopi luwat coffee beans (that would be the ones that are first ingested by civet cats, then harvested in the aftermath of their digestive tract. And of course, the meat should be gold leafed.

I will gild anything put in front of me, so I leaped at the chance to be the “gilding expert” when Nightline asked to film the doucheburger being created one afternoon. Photographer Kate Black (from Dr. Sketchy’s NYC, amongst other places) joined us to shoot stills and document it’s creation.
Wonderfully, Kate’s photos got picked up by BoingBoing, Laughing Squid, Animal NY, and more. You should check out their coverage and Kate’s original coverage post to see more photos.

I got to eat my horrible golden creation like I imagine every hamster baby beauty pageant ends.

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