Badass photoshootin’



The other day, I got to shoot with photographer CS Muncy during what was likely the last snow fall of the winter in NYC. We’ve been friends for years, but kind of drifted with me busy with arts and things and him busy being an amazing photo journalist for the Air Force and on the streets for the Village Voice and other newspapers. So when our schedules finally aligned with a free Friday afternoon, I threw together a backpack full of props and ran off to the Lower East Side to hang out in a dank alley way and have him make me look like a gothy Tank Girl.

5 DSC_6580  DSC_6519



Here are a few selects from the shoot. Surprisingly, replacing the regular cigarettes with the e-cigarette still worked out decently well for smoking shots.

Previously, CS has taken some of my favourite shots, including this “Captain N” one that is the full size of my Twitter profile photo:


And this one, from when I had my Amidala lip piercings and my original eyebrows.


Please check out more of CS Muncy’s work at his website, on Flickr and follow him on Twitter. His work has an impressive range from protests to planes to pretty people.


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