Back in action: An update on the past few months

Well hello!

I hope you enjoyed the release of the entire Animal Alliteration Alphabet. I have a busy month ahead of me printing up all the letters to fulfill orders and to turn the remainders into beautiful books. It’s going to be a long and on-going project, but I’ll be sure to update on my process per usual.

The past two months have been a busy, busy time of change. When last we saw each other, it was March and snow was falling on the city as I ran across rooftops and through alleyways with CS Munsy.

I also had the pleasure of visiting the secret speakeasy The Night Heron. I wasn’t allowed to either document it nor speak a word of it until now, when it’s being profiled across Laughing Squid and The Atlantic and more. Go check out all the photos and videos! It was beautiful and amazing. I have an intense love of the water tower – it was one of the first things I fell in love with in depictions of NYC and part of the reason I moved out here. Getting to spend time with my friends inside a water tower was basically the most perfect night I could imagine.

Teamrockstar Road Trip - Lemonaid Lookbook

April saw the release of Shell Game, Molly Crabapple’s Kickstarter-funded gallery show. Ten gorgeous paintings filled up Smart Clothes gallery in the Lower East Side and we held three openings to celebrate. Did you know I gilded every last star and stripe on them? It was a crash course in working big for myself, where I usually do small splatter gilts. We had the amazing Stoya come out to the opening and she was profiled in the Village Voice during her visit.

Teamrockstar Road Trip - Lemonaid Lookbook

I sourced and had delivered a giant clawfoot tub that we filled with fake money so she and eventually us could splash around in it. We had Kim Boekbinder show up and sing a song for everyone. We had every friend and fan who was able to come through and share in our joy. It was amazing!

Teamrockstar Road Trip - Lemonaid Lookbook

Since then, Molly has released the works with Creative Commons, so you can download and remix them all. It’s the culmination of over a year and a half of work and we want it to continue on for longer.


May is mine and my roommate’s birth month. We’ve been cocooned up working on various projects but took time with Steve Prue (who took just about every photo in this blog post) to have some beautiful photographs taken. We joke that they’re The Craft meets Skinemax but I love them so so much!

We also hosted a small party with friends to celebrate. My birthday wish was to see the people I love and to have their cups endlessly filled with champagne and I got just that. Most photos from that night are not sharable, we had that good of a time!


My friend Miss Scorpio has launched a Kickstarter to finish construction on her event space in Brooklyn. I decided to do a FINAL run of glow in the dark vagina dentata underwear to help out. You can pick them up in the $30 reward category. I cannot stress how important an event space like hers is necessary in this city where anything that supports the local arts community is either a small boutique space or only interested in mainstream entertainment. The Gemini & Scorpio loft is specifically tailored to keep New York City weird and magical. Please show your support and contribute! Their other rewards range from tickets to events, secret happenings, beautiful works of art and more – and you need to keep checking back to see the latest addition!

Next week I leave for New Orleans, which will be my last vacation for a while. I’m launching a Kickstarter on 6/21 for the first day of summer. I’ll be shooting the video when I return from NOLA and then we’ll see if I can head a successful project. I’m absolutely touched by how much my friends from quite literally around the globe have helped me over the past year and a half to make this project become a reality. The support has been immense and I hope I can raise enough to make this project happen and repay them (preferrably with money) for their contributions. I’ll leave you with a teaser image of myself with pieces of my protoypes:


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