Awesome Animal Alliterations

In early 2010, I had a bubbling desire to create an alphabet book that combined my love of words with my love of mashing two animals together to make a new one. And thus, the Animal Alliteration book came about. 1 adjective, 2 animals, 3 fun words combined. I drew the entire alphabet book & formatted it for print into a 6×6″ 2-colour silkscreened hand bound book in an edition of 26. And then I realized that all my line weights were totally off because I formatted the drawings all wrong. Fffffuuuu!

So in the meantime, I’m redrawing them in a much more organized fashion & will have to recolour them with a better sense of design now that I’ve been silkscreening for over 2 years and have a much stronger grasp of limited palettes with overlapping colours. In the meantime, here’s one of the sheets I put together for print & took with me to sell as individual illustrations at SPX 2010. Of course, when it was printed, the blues & reds were much more consistent.

Hopefully I’ll get to completing this project this year. The Naked Narwhal-Nautlius & Questionable Quail-Quohog still make me giggle.

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