AFP Tarot card release!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve taken part in the newly released Amanda Palmer Tarot deck, now available via! I designed the Seven of Pentacles:

The concept was to take any of Amanda Palmer’s musical projects and turn them into tarot cards. 78 artists participated and created their own cards, one for each. Friends such as Molly Crabapple, Katelan Foisy, Zelda Devon and more each contributed images to the deck and I’m so proud to be included amongst them.

I created this image back in mid-March. I was given the choice between this card or another, but the 7 of Pentacles really reached out to me. Traditionally, the card portrays a young man taking a rest from harvesting an abundant crop. He’s been labouring in the garden, the foliage is full and blossoming – the blossoms usually represent the coins. He is generally seen as taking a break to admire his handiwork and the rewards of his labour. It is a card that generally means vision, perseverance, profit and reward of your investment.

I considered 2012 the Year Where I Didn’t Really Do Anything. Obviously, going back through this site, I did “things”. But my biggest regret was that I had plotted and planned to do SO much and nothing came to fruition. I didn’t feel that I had moved forward in my own career as I was planning, my start-up company never got off the ground and I wasn’t gaining much recognition through the full time work I was doing. However, I did have a lot of knowledge about where I went wrong and why I failed. And, I definitely increased my skills as a screenprinter thanks to Silkscreen of the Month for a full year, plus I had the groundwork done for a tiny art project that could become a Kickstarter.

So come March, I definitely had a path laid out for me to do something big, I just needed to keep my nose to the grindstone. And the 7 of Pentacles was where I wanted to *be* in a few months time.

My concept was those few moments when you’re on stage, the curtain is being pulled back, you can hear the roar of crowds of people excited to be a part of your creation and you just know you’ve got this. You’ve practiced every song and the stage has been set to create something beautiful. And so, even before that deep breath to start, you’re completely at peace and basking in the excitement of what you’ve done to get there and of what you’re about to show the world.

This is a seven colour screenprint onto French paper. The background is hand gilded with variegated metal leaf.


I went back to my trusty gold leaf size to screenprint with. This was a lot tighter of a job than the glitter flocking job I did for the Silkscreen of the Month last year. I was worried that the runny size would bleed under and not hold up to the tight lines of the background.


But as you can see in their ghostly appearance (and in the final) the size laid down really well. I pushed it through a 305 mesh screen, which I think is what kept it from running all over the place. The higher the number mesh screen, the tighter it is. So this is good for doing things like halftones, or if you’re using a very viscous liquid. If you’re printing with say, metallic inks, which have very large pigments in them, or are just planning on laying down a solid block of ink, you’d want to go for a lower mesh, since it’ll be easier to push through the screen & get solid coverage.

Here’s video of the leafing process. I did this for each and every print! I like that each one will be unique and slightly different, despite the very mechanical printmaking process.


One thing I learned was that I tried to reuse a lot of the cast off leaf that fell or was brushed off. Don’t do this! The leaf is delicate, so after being aggressively brushed aside and manhandled, they tend to become very small and tight. I think the effect looks more like tiny glitter flecks and the colours get way too mottled than when it’s bigger leaves that lay on top of each other. You can see it heavily in the top in the above image.


Use fresh leaf, every time! Like in this image.





There were a lot of layers to this image, which I had to keep checking with the top layer to make sure nothing had fallen too far off.



All my lovelies, complete!



You can pre-order the deck on the Kickstarter, now live:  There’s a FB Page, a Tumblr and you can follow them on Twitter to see everyone’s work. The deck is only available during the run of the Kickstarter, so you’d best get yours quick!
I’ll be displaying an original print at the Gemini & Scorpio 10th Anniversary/Steampunk Weekend party on Saturday, Aug 10th, plus selling prints. I put a few into my Etsy shop for anyone interested. They’re in an edition of 7.

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  1. Love your concept, and it’s amazing to see what went into each and every card!

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