Glukkake.me is the website for artist Glukkake, aka Kiwi Z., aka Our Lady of Adhesives, and sometimes known simply as Melissa Dowell. She is a trained illustrator and currently considers herself a freelance tradesperson. She works for herself as a screenprinter, illustrator, designer, is a curator for Brooklyn-based art collective The Blood Dumpster, is the set & prop designer for Dr. Sketchy’s NYC and is the creative coordinator for artist Molly Crabapple & Dr. Sketchy’s worldwide. Sometimes she moonlights as a web designer, having built a number of sites utilizing WordPress & ExpressionEngine platforms for multiple users and designed user interfaces for a number of small start-ups.

She is available to hire for hybrid portraits, t-shirt designs, silkscreen editions, event coordination, consulting for anything from tech to global franchise management and the occasional class on any number of art techniques. Contact her at glukkake@gmail.com


Exhibitions & Appearances:

Bushwick Print Lab’s “New Print” Group Exhibition, June 2013
Talk at NYU’s ITP program “Fandom: Pop Subculture in a Digital Age” on Dr. Sketchy’s, March 2013
Lost Horizons Night Market: Campfire Truck, NYC, March 2011
Art of the Tee: Bushwick Print Lab, NYC, Dec 2010
Baby Its Cold Outside: Blood Dumpster show & art auction, Fontana’s, NYC, Nov 2010
Pyrophilia: t.b.d., NYC June 2010
Dumpster of Love: t.b.d, NYC, Feb 2010
Visions: Local Project, NYC, Nov 2009
Salon: Behr-Thyssen Ltd, NYC, Oct 2009
Howl Festival, NYC, Sept 2008
The Umbrella Show, South Hampton, NY, May 2008
Renovation: Behr-Thyssen Ltd, NYC, May 2008
Post Apocalypse: Pochron Studios, NYC, Nov 2007
MOCCA Festival: Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art, NYC, June 2007
Group show: L’asso, NYC, July 2006


Press & Mentions:

http://www.thegloss.com/2013/04/30/career/bullish-more-socialism-would-help/ – Interviewed by Jen Dziura about my management work with Molly Crabapple
http://www.underconsideration.com/fpo/archives/2012/10/damask-sugar-skulls.php – For Print Only coverage of Damask Sugar Skulls serigraph
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RTvu1gySObU – Nightline coverage of Most Expensive Burgers in NYC. I gilded the “Doucheburger” for 666 Burger in the segment
kimboekbinder.com – Release of artwork for her 3rd Chapter of the “Impossible Girl” CD
Chinashop Mag – Artstars: Blood Dumpster