Scribbler at White Rabbit in NYC

From Nov-Dec 2011, The Blood Dumpster held the “Spirit Animal” show at White Rabbit in Manhattan, NYC in conjunction with Anagnorisis Fine Art. The show was curated by Kristen Terrana, an illustrator in her own right & activist. All the proceeds from the show went to benefit the World Wildlife Federation. We held a poetry night at White Rabbit in November and in December, we held a Blood Dumpster-“Scribbler” event. “Scribbler” occurs every first Wednesday at the White Rabbit, hosted by Anagnorisis and features collaborative drawing amongst its guests. For the Spirit Animal show, we decided to invite two local models to pose as their own “spirit animals” for our artists. Creamed Stu posed as the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Miss Ashley posed as a mermaid.

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