2015 Update!

It’s been a long while since I posted!

For January 2015, I ran off to Bangkok, Thailand, where I resided for 3 months. It was a great way to skip the winter doldrums of NYC’s coldest months, while also explore a part of the world I’d never been to. While I intended to catch up on artwork during my time out there, I instead visited six different countries: Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia and Bali. I took thousands of photos as reference for future illustrations of my time there.

I intended to return at the end of April, but instead got wrapped up in Narwhal Skewers! They will be on sale via multiple online stores in early May, and it will unveil some brand new packaging designs for them. The skewers have eaten up all of my free time since I returned, as well as finding a new apartment and getting all my stuff out of storage. I’ll announce their upcoming store releases when they’re ready!

One of the fun parts of going on the road in another country was needing to slim down my workstation to what can fit inside of a backpack. I bought a convertible backpack – it can be either a messenger bag or a two-strap backpack, and then crammed it full of all my chosen tech. This way, if a job came up while I was traipsing through the ruins of Cambodia, I could scurry to the nearest wifi spot, whip out an illustration and get it sent off to a client in a matter of hours.


I included a drawing below of all the gear I packed together, some of which fit into the backpack and others that came in the duffle bag and lived in our sublets and hotel rooms. Though I’m back and based in NYC once more, I have a great idea for new items I’d like to pick up for the next time I hit the road again.

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