2014 Fortune cookies & crowns

I rang in the new year at Molly Crabapple’s studio and I wanted to make something fun to celebrate. Bringing out my best Martha Stewart, I decided to craft up some party favours.

First up utilized a recipe from the lady herself: Fortune Cookies!

I wanted to create custom message fortune cookies, based on good fortunes in the voice of Molly, written by the wonderful and amazing Chelsea G. Summers, and bad fortunes, based on horrible internet comments Molly has received (mostly from her CNN Occupy Wall St article).

I opted for alternative cookies, such as green tea, chocolate coffee & red velvet. To create the chocolate coffee cookies, I used instant coffee mixed with Bailey’s Irish cream (and a touch of hot water to help mix them). It replaced the amount of liquid in the almond extract. The hardest was mastering how to fold the cookies, as there were very bad descriptions. But I’ve put together overly specific photos for your help!


First, put a small amount into a non-stick pan. Make sure it’s heavy enough to lay flat. A non-stick cookie sheet kept warping in the heat, lifting one edge and not allowing the cookie to cook evenly. We used a deep cake pan.

photo 4a


I made double-sided fortunes, one side with the message, the back with a tiny version of Molly’s logo. When your cookie is done, it’ll be very thin and pliable, almost like a pancake.

photo 5a


With your fortune placed in the center, fold up in half, making sure to have one side longer than the other. *This was key to making it fold over properly.

photo 4

Make sure you have a cup (or in my case, a small candle holder) and place the bottom against the rim of the cup.

photo 2a

Press down on the sides, so the long edge folds over the top of the shorter edge.


Put inside a muffin/cupcake tin, so they don’t unfold back into the original shape.



Once cooled, stack high! I purchased black glossy takeout boxes and damask plastic sleeves to store them.

Next up was creating really cute crowns out of pipe cleaners. I loved the simplicity of the design, since it looks like someone drew a child-like gold crown in every photo.. Taking two to form a circle for around the head.




Then fold one in half.


And fold again, making sure the ends are just a little bit longer.



Pop out.



Place the base pipes between the middle of the M.




Bend around and then twist tie the ends around the base .


It should take about four pipe cleaners to complete the full crown. Just weave the ends around each other to blend in.


Then rock out.


My personal hat was a cake hat. I made a secondary strawberry shortcake one, but it was gifted away before I could snap a shot of it. They were made out of cardboard circular lids from Michaels, hot glued together, painted white, then covered in ribbon and glittery flowers from Christmas decorations that were all on sale. I felt like fireworks






And as a parting shot, I’ve taken to morning-after photos for the new year:


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